Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!!

Hello People,
Wishing you all a very merry X'MAS and a very Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!

All set to decorate your christmas tree.....????
Well here are a few easy and simple decorations to try at home........
Though a variety of goodies are available in the market, making your own stars and decorations are real fun......
Do try these out and have a fun christmas!!!!!!

Christmas wreath

Materials used

Color papers(red ,green for the flower)
Leaves( i m not sure what this leaf is called!!!!:))
scissors and glue

To make the flowers
Cut it as shown in the image

Stick all the petals together and round it up giving it the shape of a flower.   Now bend the petals backwards and curl it using a pencil 

Make the wire into a circle.Tie the leaves around the wire.Tie the bells at the centre of the wire using a string.
Stick the flower ,leaves (paper) on the wire using glue.I also added a few paper roses.
    You can also add beeds,ribbons etc...

Christmas star

Hope you people will try these out..........

Once again wishing you all a very happy christmas..
May all your x'mas wishes come true ,
May your days be merry and bright...,
Wishing you a merry time lighting up your christmas tree!!!!

MY christmas tree is all set....hope you too had a great time decorating your tree!!!!!

Happy christmas!!!!!!

Monday, 19 December 2011


  Hello people....

I am back with yet another quilling art.It took some time to be completed ,but the wait was worth it....

This is a picture of a bird on a flower tree...
 For this, I used almost 180 pieces in quilling of different shapes
For the bird,
I used loose circles as well as marquise shapes.
For the flowers 
I used marquise,triangle,tear drop shape,heart shape.

Do take a look at this work!!

Hope you guys liked my post comments..........Your feedbacks gives me extra boost to do more and better work!!!

Thanks for checking out my posts  :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Quilling-Photo Frame

I promised i would be back with quilling on photo frame soon........but i m really sorry i couldnt keep up my promise.......I think its been over 2 weeks since i updated this blog......I ve been quite busy lately,been working on three quilling projects including the photo frame........the other 2 are almost complete!!!!!!! 

I am realy glad to share this frame here,coz i had a really difficult time finalising its look!!!!!

So here it is finally,
Hope you people like it !!!!!!!!

Photo Frame

I used a cardboard to make the frame
A piece of denim cloth to make the cover of the frame.
Broad quilling paper to make the borders
some paper clips 

The flowers were a little difficult to make,but i kind off liked the way dis turned out......i can say that this is my favorite quilling work so far.....i did enjoy making it!!!!!

Will be back some more quilling works,VERY SOON!!!!!:)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Quilling butterfly

I am not done with quilling yet!!!

This is a beautiful butterfly i have done on quilling.

Hope you like it.....

I am currently working on quilling on a photo , will post it once it is done..........

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Quilling on wooden spoon -2

This is yet another flower pattern in quilling  on a wooden spoon. ............

Here the flowers are made using a different method.......

  • Make a thight circle first.

  • Take a quilling strip and give small cuts along one side of the strip.

  • Apply glue on end of strip,paste it on the circle.

  • Now spread the strip down ,to give it the shape of a flower.

 The image is given below...


Hope you people liked my works........would love to have your comments and feedbacks...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Quilling materials and shapes

Its a pleasure to know that you people are loving my quilling works.......Thanks for your support and Ill try my best to put up more interesting and creative art works before you!!!

I m still working on my quilling.Just love this art....For all those people who are interested in trying this out  i am posting all the materials and the different shapes used in quilling.....the rest is upto each one of your imagination.......

Quilling materials

Quilling paper

Quilling needle

Quilling board

[For my quilling works ,i didnt use either the needle or the board,i just used    

crochet needle,tip of ball point pen etc.]

Basic quilling shapes

These are a few basic shapes used.but, once u get familiar with quilling you will able to create your own shapes and patterns.

I do hope this post has been useful for those interested in this art ,but haven't yet tried it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Quilling flowers on wooden spoon

I promised ,i would be back with more quilling patterns.... so,here i am!!!

This time it  was a little more easier for me to make these patterns...

And i think the result is also much better than the previous one.....

I have used a few different shapes in this design.

Quilling looks very difficult , but once you start it,you realise how 

simple and easy it really is!

So,do check out this quilling pattern and do try it....its such an amazing art!!!

So, hope you people liked my quilling pattern....

I ll be back with more...and trust me its going to be better each time!!!!:)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quilling Patterns

Quilling was a method i was familiar with earlier,But was never interested in trying it out.I thought it to be a very difficult art,and i was clueless about how to get started with quilling.

Last week i went shopping ,saw these quilling papers and just grabbed it....

So ,Here i am sharing my first experience with quilling.......

I finding it very interesting .It was a little difficult for me at first to get the shapes right,but now i think my skills are improving...

I m trying on more patterns of quilling .

This is my first ever try on quilling ...Lots more to come........:)

This is a simple card i made,using quilling technique. I am still learning and am trying more patterns and designs in quilling.....

I am currently working on a quilling pattern.....will post it once i finish it!!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Paintings

I am sharing a few paintings i did ,both in oil and water color.....

(Picture quality is not that good ,my brother borrowed my camera)

I would realy love to get your feedbacks on this......

Oil paintings

Water color paintings

Denim slippers

I've had such a lazy week .Didn't feel like creating anything new....Just made a pair of slippers for my son.....I'll share it with you guys....

Made it using an old slipper n a pair of jeans.

These slippers are very easy to make.....

Cut the rubber slippers and the denim,

I stuck the denim on to the slippers and then gave it a stitch.

And then accessorized it with whatever i could get my hands on...

My son loved i m planning to make one for myself....

Monday, 24 October 2011

Decorative candles

OK,here are a few candles that  i made. These are very easy to make and looks great too.

So,here are my candles .Hope you like them!

To make these,I just used a few candles(can use wax,but i used candles as it was available at home),

some crayons,candle wick,perfume for scent and mould.

Flower candles

(For the mould I cut it out from a used pepsi bottle.Gave it a flowery shape).

Candle carving

This is my first try at candle carving. Hope it turned out good.

The candle you are about to view was a little difficult for me to make,but the end result was great!

I had to melt the candle, pour it in a container and immerse it in a bucket of water to get this form.....

Glitter candle 

This one is my favorite.....

So, this is it for this week.(yup! i have thought of updating this blog weekly).

Do try making these wonderful candles!