Thursday, 8 December 2011

Quilling-Photo Frame

I promised i would be back with quilling on photo frame soon........but i m really sorry i couldnt keep up my promise.......I think its been over 2 weeks since i updated this blog......I ve been quite busy lately,been working on three quilling projects including the photo frame........the other 2 are almost complete!!!!!!! 

I am realy glad to share this frame here,coz i had a really difficult time finalising its look!!!!!

So here it is finally,
Hope you people like it !!!!!!!!

Photo Frame

I used a cardboard to make the frame
A piece of denim cloth to make the cover of the frame.
Broad quilling paper to make the borders
some paper clips 

The flowers were a little difficult to make,but i kind off liked the way dis turned out......i can say that this is my favorite quilling work so far.....i did enjoy making it!!!!!

Will be back some more quilling works,VERY SOON!!!!!:)