Monday, 24 October 2011

Decorative candles

OK,here are a few candles that  i made. These are very easy to make and looks great too.

So,here are my candles .Hope you like them!

To make these,I just used a few candles(can use wax,but i used candles as it was available at home),

some crayons,candle wick,perfume for scent and mould.

Flower candles

(For the mould I cut it out from a used pepsi bottle.Gave it a flowery shape).

Candle carving

This is my first try at candle carving. Hope it turned out good.

The candle you are about to view was a little difficult for me to make,but the end result was great!

I had to melt the candle, pour it in a container and immerse it in a bucket of water to get this form.....

Glitter candle 

This one is my favorite.....

So, this is it for this week.(yup! i have thought of updating this blog weekly).

Do try making these wonderful candles!