Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Happy diwali to all!!!

 Its been 2 long years since i posted on this blog!!!!!Well, with my son around , I have been very busy lately!!!!

So now that I decided to update my blog.......I wanted to start with something very special!!!
so here it is ,wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI!!!!

Diwali is all about diya's,candles,rangoli,and lots of sweets......and crackers!!!!!

So this diwali my diya's had to be different and innovative....!
so here are a few diyas i made.......very simple and innovative......!

These are very simple to make,very different ,looks good too.....and for all my friends to know,
this is also a very effective way of recycling all these diyas are made from plastic bottles(pepsi,coke!!)!!!!:)

On how to make it...
cut the base of the bottle in any required shape

paint it(i used pearl gives a crystal effect to the bottles)

decorate it with beeds, mirrors.......glitters(anything you can get hold of)

As simple as that.......try it!!!!!

Have a bright, colorful and safe diwali!!!

I would love to have ur comments and feedback.