Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!!

Hello People,
Wishing you all a very merry X'MAS and a very Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!

All set to decorate your christmas tree.....????
Well here are a few easy and simple decorations to try at home........
Though a variety of goodies are available in the market, making your own stars and decorations are real fun......
Do try these out and have a fun christmas!!!!!!

Christmas wreath

Materials used

Color papers(red ,green for the flower)
Leaves( i m not sure what this leaf is called!!!!:))
scissors and glue

To make the flowers
Cut it as shown in the image

Stick all the petals together and round it up giving it the shape of a flower.   Now bend the petals backwards and curl it using a pencil 

Make the wire into a circle.Tie the leaves around the wire.Tie the bells at the centre of the wire using a string.
Stick the flower ,leaves (paper) on the wire using glue.I also added a few paper roses.
    You can also add beeds,ribbons etc...

Christmas star

Hope you people will try these out..........

Once again wishing you all a very happy christmas..
May all your x'mas wishes come true ,
May your days be merry and bright...,
Wishing you a merry time lighting up your christmas tree!!!!

MY christmas tree is all set....hope you too had a great time decorating your tree!!!!!

Happy christmas!!!!!!