Friday, 20 January 2012


Here is a flower done using nylon stocking material....
For a change , i used black nylon material to make the flowers and shiny green tape to make the stem...

I am sharing a its easier for u to know how to make these flowers.....
My video of paper flowers is still not complete........Maybe i ll upload it next week..
so,do watch this video and try making these flowers!!!

Hope you enjoyed the can make a variety of flowers using this technique!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012


Here are a few paper flowers i made.These flowers are very easy to make and looks beautiful too.

I made the flowers using hand paper.
The stem was made using a wire, drapped around using crepe paper.
To make the flowers i made a cutout using cardboard for the petals,taking that as base,i drew out the petals and cut it.

3 cutouts of petals will be enough to make a flower 
now arrange the petals 
curl the edge of the petals using a pencil or a brush.

I ve almost given an idea of how to make these flowers...

The images are posted below.
and I m working on a video, so it will be easier for you to understand ,how make these flowers.

 once the video is done with i ll update it!!...
so till then do check out my paper flowers  :)

This flower was done using a four petal cutout.
For stem crepe paper was used.


Thats it friends!!!
I ll be uploading my video soon....Thanks for visiting my blog.....

I would love to have your comments and suggestions.....