Monday, 24 October 2011

Decorative candles

OK,here are a few candles that  i made. These are very easy to make and looks great too.

So,here are my candles .Hope you like them!

To make these,I just used a few candles(can use wax,but i used candles as it was available at home),

some crayons,candle wick,perfume for scent and mould.

Flower candles

(For the mould I cut it out from a used pepsi bottle.Gave it a flowery shape).

Candle carving

This is my first try at candle carving. Hope it turned out good.

The candle you are about to view was a little difficult for me to make,but the end result was great!

I had to melt the candle, pour it in a container and immerse it in a bucket of water to get this form.....

Glitter candle 

This one is my favorite.....

So, this is it for this week.(yup! i have thought of updating this blog weekly).

Do try making these wonderful candles!

New layout

Hey all, 

 Have to blog frequently....I m already fumbling with words.......a long gap of 2 yrs does    that to you....

Think i m a little bit bored with my current blog layout. I do  need some renovation,and I do need fresh and interesting ideas......

I am thinking of starting all over again......

For those who have constantly supported me ( and my blog) a million thanks and keep supporting!!!!! 

And to those who are new to my blog,do support, so that i can come with better ideas and keep you people updated.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up". 
Pablo Picasso

So,let the artist in each one of you grow. I hope my blog played a little role in shaping the artist in u!!!!

In the meantime,I did try my hands on candle making .It was a little messy but turned out okay for me.

I would love to share a few candles i made, with you.

Hope you like it and should definitely try it!!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Happy diwali to all!!!

 Its been 2 long years since i posted on this blog!!!!!Well, with my son around , I have been very busy lately!!!!

So now that I decided to update my blog.......I wanted to start with something very special!!!
so here it is ,wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI!!!!

Diwali is all about diya's,candles,rangoli,and lots of sweets......and crackers!!!!!

So this diwali my diya's had to be different and innovative....!
so here are a few diyas i made.......very simple and innovative......!

These are very simple to make,very different ,looks good too.....and for all my friends to know,
this is also a very effective way of recycling all these diyas are made from plastic bottles(pepsi,coke!!)!!!!:)

On how to make it...
cut the base of the bottle in any required shape

paint it(i used pearl gives a crystal effect to the bottles)

decorate it with beeds, mirrors.......glitters(anything you can get hold of)

As simple as that.......try it!!!!!

Have a bright, colorful and safe diwali!!!

I would love to have ur comments and feedback.