Monday, 21 November 2011

Quilling materials and shapes

Its a pleasure to know that you people are loving my quilling works.......Thanks for your support and Ill try my best to put up more interesting and creative art works before you!!!

I m still working on my quilling.Just love this art....For all those people who are interested in trying this out  i am posting all the materials and the different shapes used in quilling.....the rest is upto each one of your imagination.......

Quilling materials

Quilling paper

Quilling needle

Quilling board

[For my quilling works ,i didnt use either the needle or the board,i just used    

crochet needle,tip of ball point pen etc.]

Basic quilling shapes

These are a few basic shapes used.but, once u get familiar with quilling you will able to create your own shapes and patterns.

I do hope this post has been useful for those interested in this art ,but haven't yet tried it.