Wednesday, 25 November 2009


This is a painting I did long back.

The painting is done on a piece of cardboard (any kind of card board with an uneven surface)...

I painted the cardboard black using poster color and used copper metallic paint to draw the flowers.

Brass Art piece

Hi...Still working on my coffee painting!!!!!

I was quite fascinated by a brass piece of art,I saw at a friends house.Really wanted to buy something like that.....       

But that is going to take a long time...........!

So, thought of creating something like that at home.........

I did..,and the result was really good......

Take a look!!!!!

How is it????

Well, guess what...........!!!!!!!!!!!

I made this piece using card boards  !!!

I used different sizes of card boards(thick & thin),cut into desired shapes and just stuck it.

For the matte effect I used black paint as base and coated it with copper and gold metallic paint.

I must tell you that it does have a brass effect.....

Try and see for yourself!!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tissue paper flower

Today,I tried my hand at flower making........with tissue paper!

I could find only pink tissue paper,so I used that......(Multicolored flowers would have been beautiful!)

So,I made use of all the available things at home!!!

For the flower:

Tissue paper

Ear Swabs


For the vase

I just used two coconut shells,one over the other and filled it with paper pulp(mixture of paper, glue & water)


The tissue papers were folded and cut into the shape of the petals.(Refer picture below)

It was then curled (use your hands to curl it) and tied to the ear swabs.

  The flower is ready!!!

  Now, arrange the flowers on to the coconut shell.


You can try a variety of flowers in different sizes using this method........

This is yet another flower I made using bigger petals with less curls.....

As I was browsing on net, chanced upon a very interesting art-Coffee Painting(Painting using coffee powder).

I am currently working on that........

Once it is completed ,would love to share it with you....

Wind chimes!

I'm back...,with something interesting and Easy.Here i made a wind chime from whatever scrap was available.It did turn out very good...(i do hope so...)

Materials i used are :

coconut shell

bamboo sick

Strong thread

some beads


marbles(to fill the coconut shell so that it is heavy)

The end result is what you see below

This is something i did with very less effort and time.

And yes,it makes really good sound too...

I think anyone can create this, but as it is, all you need is a little creative imagination

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Picture Frame

So, let me start with a picture frame 

This is a picture frame that can be made easily and with less effort...

The materials used are also easily available.

All I used is :


(For the picture)

ivory sheet



(And for the frame)

Bamboo sticks





Tie some bamboo sticks with thread, paste the painting to the stick on both sides (can also be stuck on all four sides) using a paper or cello tape.

Use your imagination and accessorize it with beads or any other material available

Another frame I made using the same method


As simple as that! All you need is a bit of creative imagination.

My works!

‘Creation’ is a very unique experience. Just to know that, what you see before you is something created on your own is very refreshing.

I’ve been spending my so called long hours of being idle, doing a lot of creative works. Be it painting, flower making, crotchet, decorative art and so on.

So, one fine day, I decided to share my works, and so here I am!!

My (Art) works are very simple, easily made, with less expense (sometimes nothing at all!!!!)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Getting started !

Finally,my blog layout is complete. I've been sitting with this for quite a few days . This is my first attempt at blogging, so , decided to share something creative.