Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tissue paper flower

Today,I tried my hand at flower making........with tissue paper!

I could find only pink tissue paper,so I used that......(Multicolored flowers would have been beautiful!)

So,I made use of all the available things at home!!!

For the flower:

Tissue paper

Ear Swabs


For the vase

I just used two coconut shells,one over the other and filled it with paper pulp(mixture of paper, glue & water)


The tissue papers were folded and cut into the shape of the petals.(Refer picture below)

It was then curled (use your hands to curl it) and tied to the ear swabs.

  The flower is ready!!!

  Now, arrange the flowers on to the coconut shell.


You can try a variety of flowers in different sizes using this method........

This is yet another flower I made using bigger petals with less curls.....

As I was browsing on net, chanced upon a very interesting art-Coffee Painting(Painting using coffee powder).

I am currently working on that........

Once it is completed ,would love to share it with you....